Physical Education

Subject Lead: Cat Teasdale



At Le Rondin we want our pupils to be ‘The Best they can be’ in all areas.  The aim of the children becoming: Confident Individuals, Successful Learners, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors is promoted through our PE curriculum.  All children participate in regular physical activity promoting  physical, social, emotional and developmental advancement.  
We believe that high quality teaching and opportunities can provide children with an ongoing active lifestyle enhancing their wellbeing and health as well as providing them with essential skills for their future. We believe that through PE children at Le Rondin gain experience in risk taking,  building self confidence, working together whilst progressing their physical capabilities. Each child’s personality, talents and abilities are actively displayed.

Sessions are targeted to meet the needs of the children and to aid in progression through sport as well as improving gross motor skills, giving benefit to the children’s wider life.   Children at Le Rondin learn to increase body control, coordination and dexterity as well as learning to cooperate and compete fairly.  We believe that PE encourages children to cope with the unexpected; developing resilience, confidence and wellbeing.  

At Le Rondin  we structure activities to provide an enjoyable way to work together progressing in  fundamental movement skills and targeting strength development to enable participation in more structured activities.  This method of delivery ensures that children are ready for their next step.


PE at Le Rondin provides children with progressive, enjoyable and challenging skills, working through the fundamental movement skills and progressing to a broad range of sporting activities and games options.

In Key Stage 2 coaches enhance the learning experience offering expertise in football, hockey, tag rugby, badminton, athletics, sailing and golf.
Children swim throughout the year gaining health benefits as well as water safety skills that are essential to island life.  Children in KS2 take part in Swimarathon, an island wide charitable event. 

Sports Development Officers work with the children and staff in the school to deliver current and focused ideas which improve lesson quality and the professional development of staff.
Children receive a unique opportunity to learn in small groups with an expert able to give focused and targeted teaching.

In Years 5 and 6 children are invited to attend competitive sporting events on the island. We participate in running events, gymnastics, GJSFA 7 a side football tournament and the Annual Junior School’s Rugby Festival.


Children use the values learnt through PE in their wider learning and the school environment.

Children gain the ability to take control of their own fitness and health, acknowledging sports and clubs available to them on the island.

Le Rondin children feel pride at representing their school and have gained confidence and resilience in dealing with adversity.  Sporting events are considered highlights of our children’s school experience creating lasting memories. These events are valued and mentioned on transition to secondary school.  

Children progress through their swimming curriculum preparing them for their next step.  They also progress through the facilities and use of swimming pools from our  splash pool, hydro pool, swimming pool at Forest Primary school, to sea swimming, which links to our Outdoor education curriculum.

Fifteen year 5 and 6 children at Le Rondin participated in the Youth Games with some continuing to develop sporting skills in the disciplines experienced and continue to participate in these sports outside of school. 

Through entering sporting festivals and tournaments Le Rondin children have helped to develop the inclusive nature of the island and make a positive contribution to the wider community.
We have a drive to instill the values of sport and a belief that physically active children will continue to be physically active adults enjoying the benefits of an active lifestyle.