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Pride of Guernsey: Le Rondin School


ALL teachers and learning support assistants at Le Rondin School have been nominated for the HSBC-sponsored Teacher of the Year award.

‘The staff of Le Rondin are incredibly special people. Their love, care and compassion for each and every child is heart-warming. They give every child the right to flourish and they each nurture every child with dedication and pride’, said nominator Becky Link.

She continues: ‘The children are so incredibly happy – they are safe in an environment which can sometimes be challenging, but each teacher and LSA is there to protect and care for them and give them the best education they can.

‘I am privileged enough to be part of the support team and to watch the children running in the morning to greet their teachers and LSAs is something to behold.

‘It is a happy, joyous school and within it are young professionals who really do make a huge difference.

‘Everyone should spend a day at Le Rondin. They all deserve this award.’

Head teacher Paula Sullivan, who is also the head teacher at nearby Forest Primary School, said: ‘As a school we are delighted to be nominated. Everyone who works at Le Rondin loves the role that we play. It is a privilege to work with the children there’.

Le Rondin pupils enjoy Kids Day Out at Vazon

Published: Jun 9, 2022

CHILDREN from Le Rondin School enjoyed a morning on the beach as part of Rotary Guernesiais’ annual Kids Out Day, which takes place nationally on the first Wednesday in June.

There were 18 children from Years 1 and 2 playing at Vazon and building sandcastles before having lunch at Crabby Jacks, where they were joined by music teacher Julia Jager for some singing.

Rotary Guernesiais service group chairwoman Hannah Laidlow said the charity had worked with Le Rondin for years, but this was its second time organising the children to come to Vazon.

‘It’s wonderful. All the children and staff love it,’ she said.

‘It has proved very successful.’

The children were given a bag containing a cap, bucket, spade and colouring.

‘It’s the most fun thing we do,’ Mrs Laidlow said.

The day had been highly anticipated by the children, said Le Rondin Key Stage One lead Jen Spencer.

‘They have been very excited and they really looked forward to coming out to the beach and for lunch.’

She said it was important for them to enjoy some time on the beach with their friends.

‘It’s a lovely opportunity for them to come play on the beach and interact with different people,’ Miss Spencer said.

‘We are very grateful for the Rotary Club for arranging this for us.’

Helping out with the Rotarian volunteers was Louise Cripwell, the Lt-Governor’s wife, who is the club’s patron.

‘We are having a fantastic time,’ she said.

‘It’s so beautiful and the children are so lucky to be able to come here with their teachers.’

Final sensory room open at Le Rondin

Published: Jun 25, 2021

THE fourth and final sensory room has been officially opened at Le Rondin School, marking the conclusion of a project which started in 2015.

Since then the school has raised £150,000 for the rooms, each of which provides a unique experience for the students.

There is a soft play area, a hydrotherapy room with interactive lights and sounds and a ‘white room’ providing interactive sensory experiences.

Virtual reality technology is at the heart of the final addition, which turns the room into something resembling the Holodeck as seen in many episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and its successors.

This creates interactive environments around the walls of the room and on the floor and can take the occupants to hundreds of different locations.

One on display to guests at the opening took them under the sea and children showed how the many fish swimming around could be interacted with.

Another program showed the Arctic, while a third let children draw graffiti on virtual walls.

The new addition was opened by Lt-Governor Vice Admiral Sir Ian Corder, who was joined by Lady Corder and other guests who had been involved with the fundraising.

Parents, Staff and Friends Association secretary Yvonne Hodder has been involved with the project since it started and project-managed the new room.

She said it was hoped that all four would become available to more than pupils.

‘Hopefully this is a community resource,’ she said. ‘It’s not just something that’s exclusively available to children.’

Working out how to make the facilities available to others will be her next task.

Mrs Hodder said a number of groups and companies had contributed to the sensory rooms project, with the latest one predominantly benefiting from the support of Lloyds Bank Foundation for the Channel Islands, the John Ramplin Trust and the Guernsey Community Foundation.

Sir Ian and the guests were treated to a musical presentation upon their arrival at the school, featuring the debut of the school’s new Soundbeam instruments.

This is a technology that turns movements into music and allowed two children to join a teacher in performing Summertime before the visitors were given a tour of all of the rooms.