Year 5 French Week

French Week 2023

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22nd - 26th May 2023

French Week 2022

During the summer term, all pupils in Year 5 take part in a French experience week.  Over the week they learnt about French culture, learnt some basic language and developed their interest in French cuisine.  The week normally starts of with ‘a trip to Paris’ where pupils are able to use the Wanderlust Room to visit the Eiffel Tower and explore the surrounding areas.  They also look at the Paris underground stations as well as above ground and visit a Parisian street.  This creates a lot of discussion and comparing places in Guernsey or other cities around the world.  During the week they learn how to greet people, count and say the colours in French.  This may also include learning to sing familiar songs in French.  Towards the end of the week children spend the day out and about in Guernsey before returning to school, where they spend the night.  During French week 2022, Children visited Moulin Huet on the South Coast of Guernsey and completed the Renoir Walk set up by Art for Guernsey.  They also visited Art for Guernsey Gallery where they were shown an original Renior painting, ‘Rochers de Guernesey avec personnages’.  They used some of the same scenes as Renior to create their own watercolour paintings.  Year 5 finish off the week by playing French games, such as Boules, watch Ratatouille and cook food such as Crepes, Ratatouille and croissants.