Our Facilities

Wanderlust Room

The wanderlust room is a fully immersive, interactive sensory room.

Here, students can experience a range of different scenarios, visit new places or practice hand-eye coordination.

Hygge Room

The Hygge sensory room has a range of multisensory equipment including:

  • Musical tracking board
  • Bubble tube
  • Bubble wall
  • Infinity mirror
  • Mirror ball

They are paired to wireless switches, allowing anyone, regardless of age or ability, to control each and every piece of equipment in the room. The Hygge room is used to improve concentration, fine and gross motor skills and social interaction, amongst many other development opportunities.

Hydrotherapy Pool

The Hydrotherapy pool is used across the school for a range of different purposes e.g.

  • Immersive, sensory swims
  • Physiotherapy
  • Water confidence

All children from Reception to Year 6 have access to regular swimming lessons, either in the Hydrotherapy pool or at Forest Primary.

Soft Play Room

As well as being a fun and exciting room, the soft play room - 

  • develops core strength
  • develops gross motor skills
  • helps students understand their own proprioperception
  • encourages collaborative play

Pupil Kitchen

Sensory Gardens & Learning Outdoors