Our Mission, Aims and Ethos

Be the best that we can be.

Le Rondin is co-located with the Forest Primary School. The two schools share some facilities and an Executive Headteacher is responsible for both schools. The School is wholly maintained by the Education Services and the Centre accommodates colleagues from Education, Health and Social Care Departments who work closely, in multi-agency teams, to provide the best possible support for our pupils and children in the wider community. 

Admissions to the School are made through liaison between parents, Education Services staff and the School, in accordance with procedures set out in the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice (Guernsey). Pre–school placements are offered in consultation with Educational Psychologists and colleagues from Health and Education Services. Parents and pupils usually visit School before admission to sample areas of the curriculum and to have opportunities to become familiar with the school and routines. Parents are offered an appointment with our School Nurse on site as a matter of routine and will be asked to provide details of any health issues a child may have.

School Aims

Le Rondin School aims to provide a curriculum tuned to the needs of individual pupils with a wide range and varying degrees of special educational needs, in an environment that is purposeful and secure.

We want our pupils to be ‘The best they can be’ and become:

  • Confident Individuals
  • Successful Learners
  • Responsible Citizens
  • Effective Contributors

We will achieve this by:

  • encouraging each other to ‘be the best we can be’ in all aspects of our work and behaviour;
  • fostering in pupils responsibility and respect for self, others and the environment;
  • developing pupils’ independence and positive attitudes to learning;
  • creating a happy, welcoming and stimulating environment which is safe, supportive and accessible for all, where everyone is valued and treated with respect;
  • promoting mutually beneficial links between the School and the wider community;
  • providing a curriculum for all pupils which is appropriate, inclusive, motivating and which offers challenge;
  • creating opportunities for success which promote the development of the whole pupil, offering learning opportunities at a physical, creative, intellectual, social, spiritual, moral and emotional level.

Our Education Strategy

The Education Strategy, which has been established by the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture, serves as a guiding compass for what the Bailiwick's education system needs to deliver.

This underpins our strategic development as a school.

Click on the link below to find out more about the Education Strategy.