Our Staff

Le Rondin School Staff 2023/24

Due to the range of needs within our school, staff are known by different names. Some are more formal than others. Unless indicated below, staff are known by their first names.


Leadership Team


Paula Sullivan Executive Head Teacher • Designated Safeguarding Lead [DSL] • Educational Visits Co-ordinator [EVC]

Christine de Kock 

Deputy Headteacher • Designated Safeguarding Lead [DSL] • SENCo • Inclusion Manager • School Attendance Service Liaison • Interim EYFS & Key Stage 1 Leader

Caitlin de Garis

Assistant Headteacher • Interim Lower Key Stage 2 Leader • Communication, Language and Literacy Subject Leader • Curriculum Lead



Teaching Teams

East Wing

Senior Leader: Christine de Kock (Interim)

Matilda Lucas (Mrs Lucas) - Nursery Class Teacher
Sue-Ellen D'Oliviera - Nursery Class LSA (AM)

Julia Clare (Ms Julia) - Reception Class Teacher 
Lynette Clarke - Reception Class LSA
Kaerin Krastin - Reception Class LSA
Chloe Barneby - Reception Class LSA

Tamara Beach (Mrs Beach) - Year 1 and 2 Class Teacher • RE, Philosopy & Ethics Subject Leader
Melanie Jooste – Year 1 and 2 Class LSA 
Ingrid Morley – Year 1 and 2 Class LSA

Selina Moodliar - Year 1 and 2 Class Teacher
Kim Carre – Year 1 and 2 Class LSA 
Angela Dorey (Mrs Dorey) – Year 1 and 2 Class LSA 

Sally Elwick (Mrs Elwick) - Year 1 and 2 Class Teacher • History and Geography Subject Leader
Vivian Walker – Year 1 and 2 Class LSA 
Rita Duarte – Year 1 and 2 Class LSA

Rachel O'Brien - Rainbow Room Class Teacher • PSHE Subject Leader
Annie Abbots – Rainbow Room Class LSA 
Ella Roberts – Rainbow Room Class LSA 

South Wing

Senior Leader: Caitlin de Garis (Interim)

Tom Newbold - Year 3 and 4 Class Teacher • Digital Empowerment Subject Leader
Deanna Le Moignan - Year 3 and 4 Class LSA

Anthea Roue - Year 3 and 4 Class Teacher
Jo Phillips - Year 3 and 4 Class LSA

Mary Hogan - Rainbow Room Class Teacher 
Louise Dorey - Rainbow Room Class LSA
Emma Warner - Rainbow Room Class LSA

Cat Teasdale - Language and Communication Class Teacher • PE and Outdoor Learning Subject Leader
Emily Driscoll – Language and Communication Class LSA
Rene Burger – Language and Communication Class LSA

West Wing

Senior Leader: Jennifer Spencer

Lou Armour - Year 5 and 6 Class Teacher
Izzy Domaille - Year 5 and 6 Class LSA (AM only)

Hannah Mills - Year 5 and 6 Class Teacher • Mathematics Subject Leader
Cathy Mann - Year 5 Class LSA

Heather Campbell (Ms Campbell) - Year 5 and 6 Class teacher 
Beth Sharman - Year 5 and 6 Class LSA

Jennifer Spencer (Miss Spencer) - Upper Key Stage 2 Leader • Science Subject Leader • Year 5 and 6 Class Teacher
Chris Le Ray - Year 6 Class LSA


Additional Teaching Staff

Dewi Clatworthy - PPA Teacher (AM only)
Karen McDade - Class Teacher (Supply)
Tanya Perry - PPA Teacher
Natasha Postnikova - LSA

School Staff

Emma Torode - School Adminstrative Manager
Amanda Bartram - School Adminstrative Assistant
Claire Le Cras - School Adminstrative Assistant
Mandy Mills - School Adminstrative Assistant (Part time)
Tiffany Timms - Lunchtime Supervisor
Vacancy - Lunchtime Supervisor
Phil Morley - Site Supervisor
Trevor Witwam - Caretaker
Vacancy - Caretaker


School Committee 

Deputy Andy Cameron - Education, Sport & Culture
Mrs Jenny Falla
Mrs Margaret Heaume
Mrs Wendy Le Tissier
Mr Roy Sarre