200 years of Guernsey Market Square

Markuss & Lucie represent the children of Le Rondin.

market place

On Tuesday 31st January, 2 year six pupils were invited to represent our school for a special event at Market Square. Markuss explains...

We were in the market place and we had to wait for a lot of different schools to say their name and put different things into a time capsule. A time capsule is a container where you put different things in, then you seal it up and in the future it gets opened and other people will see it. When it was our turn to put objects into the time capsule, me and Lucie had to tell the organiser what the items are and why we chose them.

We took a Le Rondin school pen and a Le Rondin school badge and put them into the time capsule which was a milk churn! The organiser told us the capsule would be put in the tunnels under the market place shops and would, hopefully, be opened in the year 2222.

It still wasn't over! A BBC reporter, Euan, told us we had to take our items out and put them back in the time capsule for the TV interview. We told him that we were putting the items in because we wanted future students at Le Rondin school to know that we were involved. 

I enjoyed talking to ITV and BBC tv reporters and I felt very excited that I was chosen to represent the school.