Guernsey Eisteddfod

Music Eisteddfod 2023

The Le Rondin Singers entered this years Guernsey Eisteddfod. 

They have spent the last few months practicing two songs to perform, The Ai Carumba Samba and A Million Dreams.

The adjudicator, Benjamin Costello, commented;

The energetic, excited mood was caught from the off, Le Rondin School in your funky delivery. Lots of the musical and rhythmic descriptions employed along the way. Projection was promising too. I loved that little "Ole" "Ola" call and response later!

Your showman ballad unfolded warmly and atmospherically, with a lovely sensitive solo setting the mood. You all handled the tricky melody really clearly and this was complimented by some atmospheric percussion work too.

The children were awarded a mark of 85, a highly commended certificate and won the Liz Darling Trophy!


Well done to everyone involved!

Art Eisteddfod 2023

This year, the pupils of Le Rondin entered their wonderful art work, 'Cubes of Creativity', into the Guernsey Art Eisteddfod. They were inspired by their work around the puffin parade.

The cubes were on display at Beau Sejour during the festival and is now on display at the front of the school.


Well done everyone!