Year 5 French Week 2023

Bienvenue à la semaine française du Le Rondin!!

During the summer term, all pupils in Year 5 took part in a French experience week. Over the week they learnt about French culture, some basic language and developed their interest in French cuisine.

The week started off with ‘a trip to Paris’ where pupils used the Wanderlust Room to visit the Eiffel Tower, and see what it looks like during the day as well as lit up at night. They also looked at the Paris underground stations as well as above ground and visited a Parisian street.

This created a lot of discussion and opportunities to compare places in Guernsey with other cities around the world. During the week they learned some basic French vocabulary and phrases, including how to greet someone. We looked at some famous French events such as the ‘Tour de France’ and got out the bikes to compete in the ‘Tour de Le Rondin’.

Towards the end of the week children spent the day out and about in Guernsey. This year, the children visited Moulin Huet on the South Coast of Guernsey and completed the Renoir Walk set up by Art for Guernsey. Whilst on the walk, they took photos through the Renoir frames and on the following day, used these photographs to paint their own ‘Renoir’ scenes. On completion of the walk, the children went to Portelet Beach where they had a picnic lunch and created some beach art, played some French games, such as Boules, and were treated to an ice cream. Year 5 then finished off their busy day with a sleepover at school. They were provided with a choice of French foods to try such as ‘Steak haché et frites’ and then watched the film Ratatouille, which is set in Paris. Finally, they finished off the week with a French style breakfast, including croissants and pain au chocolat, before tasting some other French delicacies within their classes.